Kris in real life.


What Kris does every night.

ThatKrystalFagget, otherwise known as Kris, has ragequitted exactly 9001 (lol, funi ref) times. He went through accounts such as pkwiener02, Xorbaine, and his most recent fail, Gabberstag. He gets mad for no reason a lot and while most of his points are invalid, he usually gets mad for no reason whatsoever, but usually because Nobleskull says something fucking retarded.

Example of how much of a mad kid he is: look on the manateecrabpage. He got mad at manateecrab and then killed the kld chat RIP. He's also a little Nerd Kid that acts like a little fucker. He recently made a new account - Kurisu Monkuwoiu - which is probably gone in under a month.  

4/20/2012 never forget columbine

hes a f************** mad kid f************ fag wow asshole kill yourself pls dont make another account i f******* tried on my f**************** last battle collab part and den u f****** fag killed it F**********



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fag kid