SuperMultiJake, former youtuber, joined in september because of mistermagicpanda. His videos at first were pointless, then as he went on, he wanted to become a youtube partner so badly that he started sub4subing. Then he was looking around youtube and found sparta remixs and tried to make one but failed so he took tachin and ravage's sparta remixs and put them together using sony vegas. Then in june he made waterstormtheremixer and there went supermultijake's chances of living. Then after he made some sparta remixs he wanted to make ytpmvs so he moved accounts to waterstormcp. At first his videos weren't that good, then he started to improve a little. One day awan wanted to make a sharing account w/ him. so he did and he didnt want to go through the process of making an email so he killed the supermultijake account to make awanstorm2407cp. Then started getting comments and messages about him needing to improve his pitch. so he moved accounts again to nuclearboy321 and from there he just got comments saying "some pitches are off" and all he does is say "i know." Later, when he was chatting w/ money4movie, money4movie said that teh93rdspartan thinks he was getting annoying because he talk shit about his source, when all he said was both the quality of the video and the sound of him talking made it sound weird to him. He later got frustrated with that and made a video saying that he ment nothing to him and told everone why. He late put his account in pitch black darkness, then made a secret account and uploaded a ytpmv of his friends. Then teh93rdspartan uploaded a ytpmv of his source and he felt better so he forgave teh93rdspartan and moved on w/ life.