SgtScrubnoob IRL

SgtSrubnoob is a 17 year old (June 09 1994), American born YTPMVer and Brony responsible for some of the most amzing pony YTPMVs on the planet. He also created the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Know your Meme page, effectively spreading the FiM fanbase to the internet.

SgtSrubnoob makes videos for fun for himself, and for his fans, which is very nice, as he could just as much ignore his fans. To say he's trying to make his fans happy he sure puts a lot of effort into his YTPMVs often trying to create new, amazing visuals for his eager fanbase.

Here are some examples of his amazing videos:

Gummi's Valley04:17

Gummi's Valley

Holding Hooves02:53

Holding Hooves

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