handmaster722 (who is now OHMYItsGODzilla) started out on his dad's account making g major videos, sparta remixes, and other simple vegas videos. But then he made his own account and called it handmaster722 but had always hated it due to the dirty jokes made about it. He continued to make sparta remixes and g major videos but then he decided to start making ytpmvs with sources such as cdi, spongebob, and team fortress 2. He was a terrible ytpmver for awhile until he later started to improve in 2011 which lead to many people liking him. Sometimes he would make a really good ytpmv but other times he would make a horrible ytpmv that he would remove almost immediately after uploading. One big achievment that he made was obtaining over 2000 subscribers before the closure of his account but unfortunately many of those subscribers were spartafags and spongebob fanboys which is why people much better than him had less subscribers.

Around late May 2012, he closed his account due to the stress in his life but then returned shortly and named his new account "OHMYItsGODzilla" which he is currently using right now. He is now continuing to make videos on his new account just like he did on his old account and was able to get 100 subscribers back in less than a month.