His old channel/skype picture, we all used to love it so bad.

FortressFanCp is a kid from Germany who is obsessed with camwhore sources and makes pretty good ytpmvs. He used to be a brony but then he decided it was gay and became smart and started watching anime instead (nice going). Due to the fact that he used to be a brony, he has a pony alt which at one point was rumored to be ponyponage but its obvious that it isn't him. So his pony alt still remains to be a mystery to this day. He used to make super generic camwhore ytpmvs but people who didn't understand that generic 2010 style chiptune ytpmvs are better than pony shit dislike-spammed 2 failed collabs of his and drpersons which lead both of them into deciding to make slightly more original ytpmvs.

Some of his favorite sources include various camwhore sources, anime (he hasn't used it yet though), the autotune guy, the brownie sample, and manateecrab's fake irate gamer samples.