He is really cute.

anotherYTPMVer is - quite frankly put - a fucking moron. Lacking the basic comprehensive skills that most people were born with he is unable to complete or understand the most rudimentary of tasks.

An example of this stupidity would be his understanding of keygen software, or lack of therefore. He couldn't quite grasp the concept of why he needed to set the installer of his software to have a key sent from another computer, as all of his other brain cells (yes, all three of them) were preoccupied trying to work out how to make a grid in Vegas.

Another example of his profound retardation would be when he thought MrXarlable was actually him, but from the future. Even an eight year old wouldn't fall for that shit, but it proved too much for Noble's brain and caused it to shut down when pressured into trying to process all of the information bombarding it at once.

anotherYTPMVer's YTPMV style is mainly characterised by the same shitty anime source combined with white glows on just about fucking everything. actually noble is a GIRL as seen in da PIC f*************** biased kids!!!!

also i bet kris typed this page up

but he didnt OHOHOHOHO

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